Innovation and Excellence

OneSOLUTION is a product of SoftFac Technology Sdn Bhd, a complete subsidiary of TFP Solutions Berhad that is truly a global software services company with the innovative products and service.

Who We Are


TFP Group since its inception has progressively and single-mindedly set out to continually innovate and evolve itself to be at the forefront of business productivity in IT industry. Transforming itself from a software developer into a software service provider, TFP has today truly reached the next stage of its transformation as a software services company whose reach is truly global.

With innovation comes growth, and with the new product and services our business driving this change, we stand poised to leverage and reap the rewards of our capabilities well ahead into the future.


The growth and success of business enterprises depend a lot on its competitiveness in the marketplace. In order to compete effectively, there is a need to enhance their business productivity by reducing costs and improve services. As such, TFP goes to the market with two business pillars: Business Management Solutions (BMS) and Converged Infrastructure Solutions (CIS) offering products and services that are aligned to these input factor conditions.

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Who We Have:

  • Extensive industry expertise in business productivity
  • End to end business productivity products and our evolving service offerings
  • Expertise in business productivity, outsourcing for SME business enterprises
  • Proven and experienced management team
  • Growing regional presence with offices in ASEAN countries
  • Commitment to the long-term development of our employees
Who We Are

Our Team

A well experienced professional team makes the project better day by day

Mazharul Haque

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Sarojini Thevi S.Murugesu

Project Manager


Shamser Azam Suzon

Faisal Ahmed

Software Engineer

Sayfullah Al Noman Ranak

Mobile App Developer

Farhad Hossain

Mobile App Developer

Nazrul Kabir

Software Engineer

Adibah Subarma

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