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Why Does Your Business Need OneSOLUTION?

By using this Smart HR & Payroll solution, you are going to get the following advantages

Save Time

Automate the time-consuming tasks which you loathe to do and focus on more important works to take your business to the next level.

Reduce Error

Automate the most common processes such as payroll information, taxation computation, and the automation error-free.

Stay Secured

From system architecture and data encryption to the advanced options for user authentication, security is at the heart of what we design and deliver to you.

Go Paperless

Stop cutting trees, go paper-free! No need to manage tons of employee files, office reports, etc. OneSolution is for all your solutions.

Data Management


Create a centralized employee database that can be easily accessed by the HR department to retrieve the information at any time for the various purposes.


OneSOLUTION – Smart HR & Payroll automates the tracking of employees’ GPS based attendance, client visit and actual working hours on a daily basis with no effort & time. 

Leave Management


Configure the leave policies on OneSOLUTION – Smart HR & Payroll software which is completely customizable as per individual company’s norms.


Offering a very user-friendly, flexible and complete payroll management system that has been designed to satisfy all your payroll needs.

Payroll Management
Real-time Salary Disbursement


We have made the salary disbursement process easiest ever. With OneSOLUTION – Smart HR & Payroll platform, you can disburse payments right from the software instantly!


Claim/Expense management automation speeds up the review, processing, payment and auditing of expense claims, making it easier for finance to manage budgets effectively.

Claim/Expense Management

The Mobile App

Makes the ‘OneSOLUTION – Smart HR & Payroll’ Really Smart

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