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Such a Smart HR & Payroll solution that will reduce your struggle with the physical documents and spreadsheets; you can manage your entire office/HR works in one place.

There are several functions of OneSOLUTION – Smart HR & Payroll software to assist the organization with effective & efficient workflow. Some core/mainstream features are highlighted below:

Admin Portal

A user with the ADMIN role, has the ability to play the following features

  • Country Management

    If you are a multinational company then you can add countries with detail information and manage them conveniently.

  • State Management

    If you have multiple offices in different states of a country, then you can manage all those offices by their state locations.

  • Bank Management

    Add your business bank information for each of your countries/states and manage them very easily.

  • Organization Management

    A very helpful feature for group of companies. If you have multiple organizations then you can add them here.

  • Branch Management

    No matter how many branches you have. You can store multiple branches’ information and manage them properly.

  • Department Management

    Create & assign various administrative/non-administrative departments of your organizations by using this feature.

  • User Management

    This feature allows you manage your users and their access privileges of this entire software.

  • User Access Control

    Keep a close eye to all the Login attempts & Password reset activities happened by users.

HR Portal

A user with the HR role, has the ability to play the following features

  • Employee Contacts

    Your Employees at a glance. All the employee contact information categorized by departments.

  • Employee Management

    Manage all employee information including, Personal, Dependent, Salary, Payslip, Leave, etc. with various filter view options.

  • Salary Management

    Automate the whole salary management of your company by using this feature. Hard days are over now! Real-time salary disbursement is a key thing here.

  • Payroll Management

    Manage all the administration of the financial record of employees' salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and deductions.

  • Position Management

    You can create employee designations from here and assign them to the employees.

  • Claim Management

    To make HR life easier, now, manage all the claimed expenses and disburse them with the Payroll right from the software.

  • Payslips

    Easily and securely manage all monthly payslips of your employees with the OneSOLUTION - Smart HR & Payroll.

  • Payslips Reports

    Generate several payslips reports like Monthly Report, PCB & EA, Tax Declaration, Remuneration Deduction, Monthly EPF, SOCSO, EIS, CP39, etc.

  • Leave Management

    HR can allocate different types of leaves to employees and manage them now more convenient with 2 step approval system.

  • Time Off Management

    Manage short time leaves in a single day for any purposes (medical, personal, bank visit, etc.).

  • Over Time Management

    We have covered the toughest job for an HR in an easy way with Over Time management automation.

  • Attendance Management

    Monitor daily attendance of all employees. Also, monitor attendance of an individual employee for the whole month.

  • Activity Management

    Monitor a single/all employees whole month’s or single day's work hour activity/detail as like, Entry time, Total Hour, Over Time Hours, Inadequate Hours, etc.

  • Check In/Out

    Monitor daily/monthly Check In/Out detail of a single/all employees including Google map location. Manual entry available.

  • Holiday Management

    Create different types of holidays and assign them to different holiday calendars to manage the whole year's holidays.

Employee Portal

A user with the Employee role, will have the following access to this software

  • My Profile

    An employee can manage his profile with some minimum access allowed by the HR.

  • Daily Activity

    Managing remote or in-house employee is easier now with Daily Activity reporting and monitoring system.

  • Attendance Management

    An employee can overview his everyday attendance by month and supervisors can monitor that. GEO location-based attendance is the key thing here.

  • Check In/Out

    An employee can do GEO location-based Check In/Out while client meeting outside of the office and the supervisor can monitor that.

  • Payment

    Employees can see their own present/past salary history and each month's payslips with print option.

  • Leave Management

    Employees can apply for leave right from the software and track the approval status. S/He can also check his whole year's leave status & history. The supervisor can monitor as well.

  • Time Off Management

    Employees can apply for Time Off right from the software and track the approval status & previous history. The supervisor can monitor as well.

  • Over Time Management

    Employees can apply for Overtime right from the software and track the approval status and previous history. The supervisor can monitor as well.

  • Claim Expense

    Employees can claim for office expenses and track the approval status. S/He can also check previous claim history and supervisor can monitor that.

  • Login History

    An employee is allowed to check his/her daily login history for any important purposes from his account by using this software.

  • Employee Contacts

    You might not have your colleague's contact detail in your phone book, but we got you covered here.

  • Holiday

    Employees can check the whole year's allocated holidays at a glance now. No need to bother HR for this anymore!

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